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Applebee's® Dine Brands Conference Awards – November, 2018

Applebee's Dine Brands Conference Awards

At the annual Applebee’s Conference the Rose Group was recognized for our partnership and brand leadership.  As a respected franchisee, our Rose Group leadership team actively participates on various councils to provide leadership for the Applebee’s brand.

People Partner of the Year - Jeff Warden was acknowledged for his role as Chair of the (FPC) Franchisee People Council.  Under his leadership the council is committed to the continual development of progressive people practices.  The FPC is comprised of a small number of Franchisee HR Leaders including Paul Rockelmann, who are charged with developing strategies that will benefit the greater Applebee’s system.  The Rose Group provides leadership in various areas, whether employment onboarding or risk management, our HR team leads the Applebee’s system in these programs. 

Technology Partner of the Year - Our IT team was recognized for our Rose Group leadership.  Both Rob Fuller and Bonnie Lippincott are part of the FTC (Franchise Technology Council) providing brand leadership.  Robert Fuller is a respected leader in the IT community, providing IT guidance for the brand.  Our operations team partners with IT on numerous projects to forward brand initiatives.  This past year we provided leadership on various IT initiatives including POS updates, KDS & Menu, EMV, On Line Ordering, Applebee’s App, delivery systems, Presto pilot, BYOD (Bring your own device- currently testing in Roosevelt), etc. Thank you to Rob, John, Dave and Rob who  are continuously involved in various IT projects that will lead our team into the future.

President’s Partnership Award – Our President and CEO, Jeff Warden was recognized  by the President of Applebee’s, John Cywinski, for his thought leadership and partnership in all aspects of the business.   Jeff provides brand leadership on numerous councils- the FBC (Franchise Business Council), Chair of the FOC (Franchise Operations Council) , Chair of the FPC (Franchise People Council), FMC (Franchise Marketing Council).  It is a tremendous honor that Jeff was recognized by John and Dine Brands before our peers in the Applebee’s community for his spirited involvement and effectual impact in the resurgence of the brand in recent times. Dine Brands left no doubt that they recognize Jeff’s exceptional leadership.

Applebee's® Presents Top Honors at 2017 Fall Franchise Conference

Awards Celebrate Franchisee and Vendor Efforts in Philanthropy, Hospitality, and Sales

Applebee's Presents Top Honors at 2017 Fall Franchise Conference

The Rose Group operations team was honored three times: Castor Avenue location received the "Highest Sales Growth" award; the entire teams' efforts shined by receiving the "Highest Online Ordering Percent"; and lastly, The Rose Group was named "Neighbor of the Year".

The Lloyd Hill Neighbor of the Year Award:

This award, newly named after one of Applebee's historic leaders who fueled unparalleled growth and championed its unique culture, recognizes the Applebee's franchisee that has demonstrated an infinite amount of generosity, compassion and care for their neighbors through a variety of causes, activities and initiatives. This year's honoree was The Rose Group. The Rose Group embraces every neighborhood they serve. From hosting more than 2,100 charitable events and fulfilling more than 2,000 donation requests to serving more than 27,300 free meals to veterans and active duty military. While already an extensive list, the group's biggest passion project came 13 years ago when they took a phone call from Liz Scott, co-founder of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, building this into a brand-wide initiative. To date, the Rose Group has raised more than $3.6 million for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

The Rose Group is the 57th largest restaurant franchise company in the United States

The Rose Group is the 57th largest restaurant franchise company in the United StatesIt’s getting harder and harder to get on the coveted Restaurant 200 list – these A-list operators generated $37.5 billion in revenue last year and operated just under 27,000 restaurants.

When the Restaurant Finance Monitor first calculated the list of the top restaurant operators back in 1989, there were just 13 companies that topped $100 million in revenue. And 10 years later the Wall Street Journal referred to the list in an article about “mega-franchisees.” Back then, that meant an operator with 50 locations picking up a second brand.

Compared to the average today of $187.5 million in annual sales and 135 restaurants, it’s plain to see the term “mega” was a little premature—and at the rate the strongest operators keep growing, it may be still. This year eight companies added $100 million or more to their revenue. Altogether, the top 200 operators by revenue added $2.9 billion in top line revenue with the addition of 1,817 restaurants.

The Restaurant 200 is roughly 5 percent of the overall restaurant industry revenue. While that seems a small sliver, the group is beating the industry in growth. Revenue among the 200 operators has grown at a compound annual rate of 8 percent since 2009, compared to 4 percent for the overall industry.

Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association recognizes The Rose Group for excellence in community service

Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association recognizes The Rose Group for excellence in community serviceHarrisburg, Pa. – On April 4th, 2017 The Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association honored The Rose Group as one of four Pennsylvania state winners of the 2017 Restaurant Neighbor Award during the UnitedHealthcare Awards Gala.

The Restaurant Neighbor Award was created by the National Restaurant Association to recognize restaurants that exemplify the industry’s philanthropic spirit. This is the seventh time The Rose Group has been awarded this honor and marks six consecutive years of winning since 2011.

The Rose Group has worked hard to build and maintain a culture of philanthropy and genuine connection between community members, employees at each local restaurant and those in their corporate office. Initiatives such as Flapjack Fundraisers and a partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) allows employees at each location to support their communities need in a way that will create a real impact in their neighborhoods. View full story >

Headquartered in Newtown, PA, The Rose Group is the 69th largest restaurant franchise company in the United States as ranked by the Restaurant Finance Monitor in its 2018 Top 200 Restaurant Franchisees report and has over 3,000 employees.

The Rose Group 29 Friends Lane, Newtown, PA 18940 (215) 579-9220

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