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Carryout for a Cause Fundraiser
Gift Card Fundraiser - Raise funds for your organization at Applebee's!
Carryout for a Cause Fundraiser - Have a fundraising event at Applebee's!
Dining to  Donate - Have a fundraising event at Applebee's!
Charity Requests - please submit your inquiries via our online form
Alex's Lemonade Stand and The Rose Group
A is for Applebee's and The Rose Group

Carryout for a Cause events are open to all non-profit organizations. They are a perfect way to raise funds with contactless, online-only orders.

Host a Carryout for a Cause Fundraiser at Applebees

Locate upcoming Carryout for a Cause events near you and read about other organization's past successes.

Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1 REGISTER – Register your organization for a Carryout for a Cause event by completing and submitting the form below. Carryout for a Cause events are limited to Monday through Wednesday.
  • STEP 2 SET UP – Once approved you will receive an email link to a personalized flier promoting your Carryout for a Cause event for printing and social media sharing to supporters of your organization.
  • STEP 3 RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS – Your event will not be successful without your organization working as a team. Recruit volunteers to share your event details on social media, hand-out flyers (if you choose – for these events everything can be done virtually) and reach out to supporters. Fliers cannot be distributed on restaurant property.

    IMPORTANT: Only online orders for pick-up count toward your groups fundraising total
  • STEP 4 REMIND SUPPORTERS – Make sure that you have a way to remind your family, friends and fellow supporters of your event during the couple of days leading up to it. In addition, supporters can order up to two weeks in advance. This is a great way to ensure they won't forget! (hint: email and social media are great tools for this including setting up a Facebook event)
  • STEP 5 ORDER TAKEOUT FROM YOUR LOCAL APPLEBEES – Be ready to place your takeout order on the day of your event—from open until close. Be sure that you & your fellow supporters login/create an account and use code "DOINGOOD" at checkout—we will send you a check worth 15% of sales generated by your guests, before tax & gratuity.

Have questions about your event? Leave a message on our Neighborhood Involvement Hotline 877-411-6344; callbacks from the hotline will be returned as soon as possible.

Download our guide: Tips to be Successful


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You can email or post the event link on Facebook or print fliers directly from your approval email. Be sure to use every tool you can to get your message out there.

For our Carryout for a Cause events, it is a great idea to have your supporters order ahead. Orders can be submitted up to two weeks in advance! This helps our stores to be prepared for the volume of orders but also secures support ahead of time & ensures supporters won't forget – A win-win!

What else does your organization have to offer? Think about collecting donations & putting together a basket—everyone that emails you a copy of their online order receipt gets entered into a drawing to win your grand prize basket for supporting your cause.

These events may seem like they require minimum to no work but that just isn't the case. Your event won't be quite as successful if you are not working as a team. Designate volunteers to pass out flyers, share information on social media & contact your supporters.

One week is not an adequate amount of time to prepare for these events. Plan to book your event AT LEAST 3 WEEKS out and start your planning & promoting from the start!

Don't leave all your promoting to the very beginning, weeks before your event, and not reach-out to remind your supporters! You can collect your family, friends & fellow supporters email addresses when you originally start to promote your event and send them a reminder email a couple days before!

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