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Flapjack Fundraiser Event Terms and Conditions
I understand that our organization is only eligible to book a Flapjack Fundraiser if we are a reputable, non-profit organization such as a local school, charity, club, specialty organization, PTA, Boy or Girl Scouts, school sports teams, etc. or are supporting a community emergency, e.g. a natural disaster.

We will commit to providing the necessary volunteers at our event as outlined in the Program Overview (Volunteer Matrix). Our volunteers will assist restaurant personnel as requested and follow all safety rules as outlined by restaurant management.

All volunteers need to sign a release form the morning of the event. I understand that volunteers that are unable to sign the release form will not be able to work at the event. We represent to you that anyone participating in this event on our behalf will be covered by appropriate liability insurance and we will provide you with a certificate of insurance, prior to the event, which provides for a minimum of $1 Million in general liability insurance coverage for all of our participants. You will be named as an insured party in any such certificate.

Our organization is solely responsible for ticket sales, ticket revenues and promotion of the event. We will be prepared the day of the event with cash or a business/personal check made payable to Applebee's representing $2.50 per attendee at the breakfast. Organization must guarantee a 50 person minimum (or $125.00) the morning of the event to cover food costs. The remainder of ticket revenues will be retained by our organization.

Our organization also understands and agrees that the restaurant is a retail establishment and as such we cannot allow any ancillary sales during the time of the event.

Our organization will keep confidential and will not disclose to any third party, without the consent of Applebee's, any trade secret, preparation technique, recipe, design or system of Applebee's of which they have or may acquire knowledge during the planning and implementation of the event.
I have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions

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